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Adie and Barbara

Adie and Barbara are two best friends, who over a wine one night, decided something new and edgy needed to be introduced to the New Zealand jewellery market, and so over the duration of the night... along with a few more wines, came up with several necklace design concepts and shapes.  Things flowed from there.

Inspired to design a range of affordable tops and tunics, in quality fabrics with the vision to fulfil every woman’s desire in wearing an outfit that is elegant and classy, yet comfortable and feminine spurred on their latest dream, with tops that can be worn by all shapes and sizes with confidence.  

Each piece is designed with a specific person in mind... you will find a design to surprise and delight your style.  We know everyone has their own taste.

Let our tops/tunics and jewellery have a place in your wardrobe.

Two Blonde Bobs - Our Values

Two Blonde Bobs was founded in New Zealand in 2016, we design and manufacture our jewellery products right here, with manufacturers in Hawke’s Bay and Hamilton.

Good relationships with both our suppliers and our customers, along with respect for keeping our products made in New Zealand is a major focus for us.

We want our product to stay local and assist with the economy in New Zealand.  All Two Blonde Bobs' tops/tunics and necklaces are proudly designed and made in New Zealand.

Ready to purchase edgy jewellery, not currently out in the market place that will take your outfit from plain to wow?  Click here to shop now.

Sponsorship Activities

Breast Cancer Awareness New Zealand 2017

Waikato Pink Ladies Charity Drive asked if Two Blonde Bobs would consider designing a necklace specifically for the Breast Cancer month of May and we were honoured to accept.  

We designed a large clear striped heart called “Beverley” and a smaller one called “Dawn” (in memory of Barbara's mother Beverley Dawn Simms) who passed away of breast cancer.

These were offered at Breast Cancer events at a reduced price and fifty percent of each necklace sale was donated to The Cancer Foundation.

This was a humbling experience for us both and we are looking forward to doing something similar again.

Zoetica 2017

Two Blonde Bobs was asked if we would be interested in sponsoring the final dinner show, Zoetica, at Tarnished Frocks & Divas. For those who have never heard of this, it is the most amazing show that has been running biannually now for 12 years.  Every two years a new show, completely run by volunteers, including the vast cast, is created.

This amazing event is run over three days with five shows and in 2017 attracted 7,500 people.  All proceeds from this three day event is donated to charities.

Two Blonde Bobs sponsored the final show by giving every person at the seated tables (400) a complimentary TBB necklace.

The show was out of this world and if you have not heard of it you can find out more here, who knows we may see you there in 2019.

Breast Cancer Awareness - Two Blonde Bobs
Zoetica - Two Blonde Bobs
Zoetica Show - Two Blonde Bobs

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